Most of us these days are overworked and multi-tasking to the max, who the heck has time to exercise?  However, who doesn’t have 5 – 10 minutes, 2-4 times a day to “sneak” in a quick workout?  If you, for instance,  have 5 minutes in the morning,  10 minute break during the day and 5 minutes in the evening, you can sneak in some quality exercise to your busy schedule and still reap the benefits of a solid 20 minute workout.  Here’s how:

If You Have 5 or10 Minutes:

-Take a brisk walk

-Go up and down stairs

-Jump rope

-Do squats and lunges

-Do plank, side planks and/or push-ups

-Jog in place

-High knees in place

Anything that gets you moving, breathing and working muscles will do the trick – JUST DO IT!

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