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Natural Breast Health for Women

Check out this very informative article on natural breast health by Dixie Mills, MD, FACS (who also happens to be on our YWCA Board!)  Her advice is based on extensive research based on diet, lifestyle and supplementation.  Click here for newsletter.

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Ten Fun Fitness Summer Activities for Kids

Summer is here and children need to stay active, healthy and busy during their break from school. Parents need to encourage their children to warm up properly and use dynamic stretches that mimic their sport activity. Parents should tell children never to play through any type of pain or make winning the reason for playing any sport. Let them choose the activity and keep the focus on having fun.

To keep kids moving, the American Council on Exercise suggests 10 fun fitness summer activities.  To view these activities, click here.

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Welcome to the YWCA’s Health and Fitness Blog!

We strongly believe at the YWCA that women and their families should be healthy and fit, and we want to help you get there.   We have also joined up with First Lady Michelle Obama and her “Let’s Move” campaign to fight child obesity.  Check back with us often as we will be posting interesting and helpful articles, links, suggestions, recipes, etc.   Here’s to you and your health!