Earlier this month I attended a Childhood Obesity Conference at USC, something near and dear to my heart as a fitness professional.  Did you know that childhood obesity has MORE than tripled over the past few decades?  This conference focused on mainly children from low-income families, but childhood obesity is really across the board now with the increase in fast food/processed food consumption and decrease of physical activity (too much tv/games/computer time!)  We as adults must set the example for our children by living healthy and active lives and getting rid of all the junk!  We also need to educate ourselves on decent nutrition and pass that on to our kids, everything is sacrificed for the sake of “saving time” yet we seem to find time to check out hundreds of emails and other nonsense each day.  Sorry – I’m way up on my high horse but it is time, people, to take charge of our bodies, our lives, our children and our future!

There are LOTS of information and resources out there, take advantage of them!  Check out these sites: webmd.com,  reversechildhoodobesity.org, acefitness.org, Dr. Oz, etc.

And … get out and move with your family or come to the YWCA for some great fitness classes and girls sports!


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